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Early College Program - Recommended Course List

Early College applicants are admitted under a non-degree status and are limited to taking 30 credits from the following list of Regent courses:

BIOL 101  Introduction to Biology with Lab
BIOL 102  Human Biology with Lab
COMM 110  Public Speaking
EASC 101  Introduction to Earth Science with Lab
ECON 101  Introduction to Economics
ENGL 101  English Composition
ENGL 102  Research and Academic Writing
ENGL 202  Literature of the United States: Beginnings to the Civil War
ENGL 203  Literature of the United States: Civil War through the 21st Century
ENGL 212  British Literature: 19th Century through the 21st Century
FREN 101  Introductory French I (16-weeks)
FREN 102  Introductory French II (16-weeks)
FREN 210  Intermediate French I (16-weeks)
FREN 211  Intermediate French II (16-weeks)
GENE 200  Art and Culture
GEOG 101  World Geography
HIST 101  Western Civilization I
HIST 102  Western Civilization II
HIST 201  U.S. History I (to 1877)
HIST 202  U.S. History II (from 1877)
HIST 211  World History I
HIST 212  World History II
MATH 101  Mathematics for Liberal Arts
MATH 102  College Algebra
PHIL 102  Logic and Critical Thinking
PSYC 102  Introduction to Psychology
BIBL 103  Old Testament Studies
BIBL 104  New Testament Studies
SPAN 101  Introductory Spanish I (16-weeks)
SPAN 102  Introductory Spanish II (16-weeks)
SPAN 210  Intermediate Spanish I (16-weeks)
SPAN 211  Intermediate Spanish II (16-weeks)


Should an Early College student wish to take more than thirty (30) credits or take a course not listed on the approved Early College Course List, he or she must first submit a request for waiver of the 30 credit hour limit to his/her academic advisor.

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