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What the Campers Say

Q: Would you recommend this camp to friends?

"Yes. It's so fun! I actually learned a lot and it made me more interested in government-related topics. I might consider a government job after college if the right opportunity presented itself. The "Top Secret" t-shirts were great, I wore mine to school." -Geneva Oster

"Yes. There are so many agencies and government organizations that are located locally and Regent puts it all together into a package that maximizes the opportunities to see so many of them and give us the experience of meeting with leaders in each agency. It's not an experience you can have if you just walk in off the street on your own." -Chris Herl

Q: What was your favorite activity or speaker from camp?

"Visiting the Coast Guard Station and speaking with Ensign Lashaway. She was willing and actually met with me and my parents at a follow up meeting where I was able to ask more detailed questions about the things I was particularly interested in. This gave me personal experience at "networking" in an area that I may be interested in pursuing at a later date." -Chris Herl

"The field trips were really cool. I liked seeing the Coast Guard control center in action. Blackwater was very impressive, and the planes at Langley were interesting to see." -Geneva Oster

What Parents Say

"They key for us was that Regent had developed something so comprehensive. You'd never know it was their first camp- they've been able to do so many things. Kids are capable of grasping these concepts. The more exposure they can receive, the more they'll be prepared to formulate a better understanding of how they can fit in with an occupation." - Meredith McNair, mother of Andrew McNair

Regent University has "unique access to speakers and facilities that allow a rare and intense look at the workings of government for a high school student. Our daughter became more aware of the functions of government in the lives of ordinary citizens and has continued her observation of, and interest in, government since her week of camp last summer. It will no doubt provide material for her to excel in her senior year U.S. Government course. I recommend this camp as a fine and unusual academic opportunity for the high-achieving high school student. It is worth including on a college application. The camp affords a comfortable college environment and a close-up view of Regent University to the prospective undergraduate student." - Priscilla Oster, mother of Geneva Oster