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Schedule of Events

2012 Schedule of Events*


  1. AM: Presentation - Leadership in the 21st Century. Adm. Vern Clark, former Chief of Naval Operations
  2. AM: Presentation - Leadership and Ethics. Jim Ritchie, MD, Captain, Medical Corps, United States Navy, Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth, VA
  3. AM: Presentation - National Security, Terrorism, and Intelligence: An Overview. Dr. David Meyer, Associate Professor of Government, Regent University College of Arts & Sciences
  4. AM: Presentation - Osama Bin Laden: War on Terror (DVD presentation)
  5. PM: Lunch on campus
  6. PM: Field Trip and Presentation - Expeditionary Warfare Training Group, Atlantic. Virginia Beach, Virginia


  1. AM/PM: Field Trip - United States Air Force, Langley AFB: Tour, presentations, and lunch on-site
  2. PM: Field Trip - United States Coast Guard Base Support Unit (BSU) Tour and briefing on the role of the USCG in counter-terrorism and port security. Portsmouth, Virginia


  1. AM: Presentation - The Necessity of Servant Leadership in the 21st Century. Ms. Shannon Kendrick, District Director for Congressman Scott Rigell for Virginia's 2nd Congressional District
  2. AM/PM: Field Trip - ACADEMI (formerly Blackwater USA): Tour, presentations, and lunch on-site. Moyock, North Carolina
  3. PM: Presentation - Lecture and Q&A on the topic of bioterrorism. Jorge Maciel, Ph.D. - Edgewood Chemical Biological Center, US Army, BioSciences Division - US Army RDECOM
  4. PM: Presentation -Tour of Regent University Campus


  1. AM: Demonstration - Polygraph Demonstration, Virginia State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation
  2. AM: Presentation - Criminal Justice: An Overview” - Ms. Dee Sterling, Assistant United States Attorney, Criminal Division, Eastern District of Virginia, Norfolk/Newport News, Virginia
  3. PM: Lunch on campus
  4. PM: Presentation - Outsmarting Terror (DVD presentation)    
  5. PM: Field Trip - Alion Science and Technology Corporation
  6. PM: Presentation - Targeting Terror (DVD presentation) & Top Secret America (DVD presentation)


  1. AM: Presentation - A Brief History of the U.S. Marshals Service. – Deputy United States Marshal, Protective Intelligence Investigator, Eastern District of Virginia
  2. AM/PM: Field Trip: Virginia Beach Police Bomb Squad, Virginia Beach, Virginia
  3. PM: Field Trip – LUNCH ON BASE at Galley, Norfolk Naval Station, Norfolk, Va.
  4. PM: Field Trip – Navigation, Seamanship, and Shiphandling Trainer [simulator], Bus Tour of Norfolk Naval Station, and Tour of USS WASP (LHD 1), Norfolk, Va.
  5. PM: Dinner and Concluding Banquet. Keynote speaker Colonel Joe Sexton, Chief, Force Analysis Branch, Joint Staff  

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*Since field trips include visits to some military installations, the field trip schedule may be modified on short notice, based on the availability of these sites. In addition, the exact times of these visits are subject to change.