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Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry Department

In a world of religious plurality and widely differing views of spirituality, it is increasingly important for Christians to be well-informed about both the diverse religious world around them and their own beliefs. The Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry Department at Regent University is uniquely positioned to prepare students for thoughtful, Christian engagement in the 21st century world through an extensive range of classes in theology, biblical studies, practical ministry and other aspects of religious thought and practice. The Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies is carefully designed to help students develop and grow intellectually, personally, and spiritually as they seek to follow God's call in their lives.

Our full-time faculty is made up of scholars who devote their energy to engaging the pressing issues in their fields from a Christian perspective. They are also teachers who creatively and actively guide students in the learning process using the latest technology. Our faculty aims to direct students not just intellectually but also personally in all of our courses. They serve not only as scholars and teachers, but also as mentors and guides in navigating our complex religious world and the array of approaches to the Bible, theology, ministry, and the pressing questions of our post-modern world.

Our students, both on-campus and online, hail from diverse backgrounds and are looking to be equipped to participate in shaping the spiritual and religious life of their communities. The Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies opens up a number of opportunities for students. The degree provides a strong foundation for students who want to pursue further studies in graduate school (for example: law, journalism, government, religion, etc.) or seminary. It also is well-suited for those wanting to move directly into ministry, a service organization, or another organization in which critical thinking and creative leadership grounded in a biblical worldview is required. Religious Studies majors at Regent University find that they are well-prepared for the next step in their ongoing quest to live as Christian leaders who change the world.

Corné Bekker, D.Litt et Phil.
Chair, Department of Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry

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