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Natural Science and Mathematics Department

From genomics and stem cells to brain research, from climate modeling to earthquake prediction, our world is filled with science and math. Many people know little about science, but all can enjoy the benefits - medical advances, hi-tech communications, and storm warnings. We sometimes forget how radically life has changed since a century ago - in 1908 there were no computers, no television, only a few autos and planes, no antibiotics, and no atomic bombs.

To understand the impact of science and math on our world, and to prepare for resolving the ethical, spiritual, and policy issues raised by onrushing new technology, degree programs in the College of Arts & Sciences ask each student to take science and math courses. The Department of Natural Science and Mathematics presently offers courses to serve these needs in general education, and looks forward to adding more courses in the future.

As we explore math and science issues, our core perspective is that God has created us in His image, and in this life we are equipped with senses for observations, and reason for deciding on their meaning. We are also blessed with spiritual understanding via the grace of Christ and the Word Written, to guide our approaches to scientific discovery and application.

We desire to explore nature and numbers with the excitement of children, combined with the wisdom expressed in Psalm 111:2 - "Great are the works of the LORD, studied by all who delight in them."

We also know that our calling is to serve both God and man, recognizing our obligation to love more perfectly through science, and to be wise stewards of our planetary home.

Join us in the Department for enriching study and discussion. We invite your inquiries and contributions as we learn together.

Robert S. Stewart, Jr.
Chair, Department of Natural Science and Mathematics