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Major Entrance Faculty Recommendation

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Indicator Below Standard At Standard Target
Misses classes and is consistently tardy. Fails to contact instructor to notify of class absence. Does not make up missed work. Occasionally misses class and is rarely tardy. Notifies faculty following an absence with reason for absence. Consistently attends class and is on time; notifies instructor in advance and arranges to meet instructor following a missed class; reasons for planned absence are given in advance.
Inattentive in class and does not participate. Is attentive in class; attention focused on class activities. Actively engaged in class; participates in discussions and small group.
Work completed is sloppy and contains multiple errors. Emphasis on getting work done as opposed to learning. Assignments are late and /or missing. Requires faculty to notify student to turn in work. Comes unprepared to class. Assignments are completed and done well. Work completed shows understanding of material. Student is prepared for class most of the time. Work completed is done with attention to detail. Shows evidence of thoughtful analysis of the assignment and is evident planning went into completing the assignment. Comes to class well prepared.
Uses incorrect grammar in oral and/or written work. Slang, inappropriate vocabulary, or offensive language is used. Does not express ideas clearly. Usually uses correct grammar; language use is appropriate. Can convey ideas accurately. Uses correct grammar in oral and/or written communication, ideas are expressed effectively.
Emotional outbursts are frequent; may lose temper and is disrespectful of peers and others. Does not take responsibility for personal actions/emotions and blames others. Maintains basic control of emotions. Is able to listen to perspectives of others and is responsible for emotions and behaviors. Displays secure emotional temperament. Is respective to the viewpoints of others, holds self-accountable for emotions and behaviors.
Shows pattern of dishonest or deceitful behavior; fails to use discretion in keeping personal confidences. Is truthful and honest in dealing with others. Uses discretion in keeping personal or professional confidences. Honest in dealing with other people. Dependable in keeping personal information and professional confidences, follows through with word.