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Lindsey Gilman

Coach Lindsey Gilman

I attended Arizona State University, in which I was a Justice Studies/History Major and a graduate from the Honors College. As a student, I particularly enjoyed my experience as a Senator for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, teaching an Introduction to College course to freshman students, and interning for the Arizona Foundation of Legal Services & Education that assists domestic violence victims.

I competed for Regent at the North Carolina Elon Competition in April of this year, where my team made it to the Quarterfinal round and won the Best Petitioner Brief. During my first year at Regent Law School, I finished in the top 8 round of the 1L Competition and the top 8 round last year in Regent’s annual intramural Moot Court Competition. Also during my 1L year, my team made it to the semifinal round in Regent’s intramural Trial Advocacy Competition. As a Board member for Regent this year, I will be the intramural Regent Cup Director.

Currently, I am in my home state of Arizona utilizing my third year practice certificate in the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office in Phoenix, where I have the privilege of second chairing two felony jury trials this summer and appearing in court regularly. I plan on becoming a prosecutor when I graduate from law school, a role I’ve felt called to fill for a long time.

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