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RUDA Faculty Advisor

Nicholas Higgins

I have served as the faculty advisor for RUDA since Fall 2014. While previous years have focused on both Moot Court and Mock Trial, this year we have focused exclusive on Moot Court. Regent’s teams have been successful over the years, having won a Regional tournament (2014), as well as having 3 teams in the elite eight, and 5 teams in the sweet sixteen. In previous years we have sent teams to the national Moot Court tournament, with one team making the sweet sixteen (2012). Additionally, numerous students have been recognized for their individual skills by being awarded speaker wards at tournaments.

As a former competitor in the ACMA, as well as Collegiate Debate, I know firsthand the skills learned through the club team as well as competing with other schools are highly useful for all college students, regardless of major. While most of our students are government and history students who are thinking about graduate school, law school, or entering public life, we also have psychology, business, and communications majors in the program.

Nicholas Higgins
Assistant Professor of Government, Regent University

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