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Welcome to the Koch Leaders Program!

The economic crisis of the 21st century calls for a new generation of leaders with the knowledge and understanding of the principles of economic and political liberty.

To fulfill this call, the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation is funding a distinct and advanced learning opportunity to a select number of undergraduate students at Regent University — the Koch Leaders Program. Students selected to participate in this program critically explore and evaluate books and ideas concerning the principles of political and economic freedom. Participants also investigate the relationship between Christianity and political and economic freedom.

To participate in the Koch Leaders Program, students must apply for the opportunity to be selected as one of a small group of students who will participate in the program. Each accepted participant will receive a $1,000 stipend as well as all program materials. This stipend, as well as the Koch Leaders Program itself, is contingent upon Regent University’s pending receipt of a grant from the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation.  Additionally, students entering the program agree to refund any stipend to Regent University for non-completion of all obligations associated with the Koch Leaders Program.  Regent University reserves the right to distribute any available stipends either by check, direct deposit, or to the student account as appropriate and approved via the grant.

In addition, select members of the Koch Leaders Program will attend "Acton University" at the Acton Institute in Grand Rapids, MI: June 14 - 17, 2016. A travel allowance will be possible for the select members.
For more information about The Koch Leaders Program, please e-mail Dr. William Reddinger at

You may apply directly to the program here: Application Process.