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Stephen A. Webb, M.S.

Principal Lecturer, Government, History and Criminal Justice


  • M.S., Criminal Justice, Saint Leo University
  • B.S., Political Science, Liberty University
  • AAS., Criminal Justice, Paul D. Camp Community College
  • Administrative Officer's Management Program, Criminal Justice, North Carolina State University, 28th Session
  • Police Administrator's Course, Virginia Commonwealth University

Classes Taught

  • Criminal Investigation
  • Criminal Law
  • Criminal Evidence
  • Corrections
  • Comparative Systems of Criminal Justice
  • Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Criminology

Research Interests

Minority and female sworn personnel staffing levels in law enforcement

Teaching Philosophy

My pedagogical approach strives to engage students in the process of learning through varied methods of effective delivery. Criminal Justice incorporates psychology, sociology, and other academic disciplines. As a practitioner in the criminal justice community, the 27 years of sworn law experience I possess provides real-world applications and insights to the theoretical principles found in criminal justice textbooks, with a biblical worldview. In each course instructed, students are given clear expectations for exceptional performance. A well-written and objective syllabus provides the student with a blueprint for success and articulates those requirements expected. This contract between instructor and student defines actions necessary by the student and clearly denotes responsibility accepted by the instructor. Interaction between student and teacher, whether it is in a traditional classroom or through an online/blended format, is vital. Without adequate instructor guidance and participation, the student would be better served by merely purchasing a textbook and attempting a self-paced venture through the material.

Demonstrated knowledge through written papers, quizzes, exams, and classroom discussion effectively measure the performance of students. In this regard, these assignments must accurately reflect the content of the course and provide the student with an opportunity to effectively convey the course material. Criminal justice practitioners must possess superior writing skills to ensure information is correctly relayed to the receiver. Well-written assignments are stressed and valuable feedback is given in this area. Grading rubrics provide for detailed interaction between the student and the instructor and clearly identify content areas, which may otherwise be subjective and arbitrary.


My family and I have participated in community activities in Suffolk, Smithfield and Isle of Wight County to include: Smithfield Recreation Association, Isle of Wight Parks and Recreation and other community activities. As a 27-year veteran of the Virginia State Police, I have served on several work-related committees and completed training for school crisis, incident response, crisis management, emergency management, and numerous courses related to effective law enforcement operations and management.

I am an active member of Tucker Swamp Baptist Church in Zuni, Virginia and I have served in a variety of positions to include: deacon, treasurer, personnel committee, stewardship committee, personnel search committee and Sunday school teacher. I have volunteered to assist in school functions supporting Isle of Wight Academy, including the school crisis review committee. I am married to Karen Edwards Webb and have three children: Andrew (23), Melinda (19), and Kassidy (18). I enjoy sports, hunting, bike riding, gardening, and working in my yard.

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