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Patricia Drown, Ph.D.


  • P.h.D. Criminal Justice
  • M.S. Counseling Psychology
  • B.S. Behavioral Science

Honors and Awards

  • Dean's Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award, Regent University, 2013
  • Faculty of the Year, University of California Riverside Extension, 2012
  • Nominated to the Human Affairs Commission by the San Clemente City Council, 2013
  • Mayor's Award for Volunteerism, Riverside CA

Teaching Philosophy

I chose the fields of Criminal Justice and Psychology as my disciplines because early in my teaching career I was blessed with the opportunity to have "at risk" youth as my students. These students had been dismissed from Christian Schools for behavioral issues that in every case could be traced back to learning/processing problems. As I pursued my degrees, I was also given the opportunity to work with many offenders who were trying to find their way back in to society. The integration of both my disciplines were important once again.

But beyond what I have learned in my pursuit of my own degrees and in my professional life, the important piece that I bring to the classroom for my criminal justice students is the integration of theories of crime and the Word of God. Until our students can make the connection between the thought, the theory and the theology I have not done my job in preparing them to do their jobs in the future.


My husband and I live in San Clemente, California a five minute walk from the beach, and that fact defines our lives at home. We enjoy being outdoors, doing organic gardening, and walking along the shore.

My personal interests include reading, reading, and more reading. I also enjoy the creative arts and wrote a daily blog that is read in fourteen countries. I spend as much time as I can being involved in my community and reaching out to underserved youth as a mentor and tutor (I am an undercover math geek). I have recently been appointed to the Human Relations Commission in our town by the City Council. I am the author of a book on mental health assessment of offenders and victims, and I have just completed my second children's book about a family of Churchmice who learn from the new congregation that has come to their church, and teach a few things themselves!

We have three wonderful children, all married and we have three beautiful grandchildren. It should be noted however, that our lives are run by a 13 year old Australian Cattle Dog- Daisy the Wonder Dog.

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