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Mary Dixon, M.F.A.

Adjunct Faculty


  • M.F.A., Creative Writing, University of Notre Dame
  • M.A., Theology, University of Notre Dame
  • M.A. English, University of Nebraska
  • B.A. Art, English and Education, Hastings College

Honors and Awards

  • Alpha Chi National Honor Society
  • Dean's Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award, 2013

Classes Taught

  • English Composition 1 and 2
  • Editing
  • Shakespeare
  • Creative writing (Poetry, Essays, Fiction, Seminar)

Research Interests

Willa Cather, Medieval Mystics and spirituality, Great Plains literature and visual art

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that teaching is a give and take relationship between teacher and student. The student who is actively engaged is the one who will learn the most. Such concepts as clarity in subject matter, directions, and guidance; high standards in achievement, honor, and conduct; fairness in evaluations and relationships; accessibility in terms of subject matter presented and teacher response; respect for all involved in the classroom setting; and creativity for presentation of subject matter and student assignments, all are important components of the successful student-teacher relationship and the achievement of maximum learning for students.

Wherever I have had an opportunity, I have demonstrated how faith intersects with academics. In my educational career, I have presented the gospel: by writing papers that dealt with deviations as well as intersections with Christian beliefs; by presenting academic material to students to help them respond to subjects with an eye on Judeo-Christian values, regardless of whether the subjects supported such values. I encourage students to see themselves as ambassadors for Christ and that any vocation that He had given them the talents for He can use for the building of His kingdom.


I live in a small Nebraska town, the product of rural farm folks. I love the stars and the huge sky on the plains. I am an artist and poet. My focus is on women's spirituality and the mystics combined with the Great Plains and the spiritual power of nature. I have exhibited visual work and accompanying poetry in galleries and explore the visual and poetic intersection in my creative life. I enjoy applying biblical principles in academic pursuits.

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