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Brian Baugus, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Business, Leadership, and Management


  • Ph.D. Economics, George Mason University
  • M.A. Economics, George Mason University
  • M.B.A. Finance, Vanderbilt University
  • B.A. Economics, McDaniel College

Classes Taught

  • ECON 120: Principles of Micro Economics
  • ECON 230: Principles of Macroeconomics
  • ECON 101: Introduction to Economics
  • BUSN 320: Corporate Finance
  • Statistics for Business
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Research Interests

    Entrepreneurship, Development Economics, Political Economy

    Teaching Philosophy

    I view the classroom as an opportunity for discovery of how the world works. I make every effort to incorporate real experiences, current events and other relevant real world news and observations into the class and show how the tools and theories of economics explain and enlighten us. Even in introductory classes I foster a very participatory environment.

    Economics is originally a moral philosophy, Adam Smith, the subject's founding father, was a professor of Moral Philosophy and that is something I maintain in my approach to the subject. The modern use of economics is much more focused on how we can maintain our current income and wealth. The original intent of Adam Smith was to identify and explain the sort of societal arrangement that was most moral and the most moral arrangement leads to greater wealth. I maintain that focus in my classes by grounding each subject in a biblical teaching or example and using that as our foundation.


    In addition to his faculty duties with Regent, Professor Baugus has professional affiliations with the African Bible University in Kampala, Uganda, the Institute for Faith, Work and Economics, and the American Enterprise Institute. Dr. Baugus lives in the Tidewater area of Virginia with his wife Ildiko , their four children, and assorted pets. They are active in their church and numerous community activities.

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