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Business, Leadership, and Management Department

Our Vision:

A Christo-centric vision of equipped and competent leaders, unleashing individual potential and human ingenuity, influencing the marketplace and their world for Christ and His Kingdom.

Our Purpose:

Prepare knowledgeable and wise Christian business and technology leaders who are academically equipped and spiritually prepared to create practical innovative solutions that advance the development of people, systems & organizations.

Program Outcomes

  • Analyze business and leadership theories and operational practices in the light of God’s revealed truth. [Content]
  • Apply professional, ethical, and responsible entrepreneurial leadership behaviors to tangible business and technology situations from a biblical worldview. [Application & Integration]
  • Develop ethical, innovative & practical solutions, from a global perspective, based on performance & operational evaluations within various business and leadership contexts. [Competence]
  • Recommend solutions to real-world problems based on strategic business and leadership applications and data-driven assessments.  [Confidence & Satisfaction]