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General Education: Core Curriculum Requirements

Transforming the Christian Mind is the University's general education core curriculum and forms the general curricular Christian liberal arts foundation in each undergraduate degree program.

The College of Arts & Sciences has developed its general education curriculum to conform to the rigorous academic standards of excellence proposed by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA). Regent University is recognized nationally as one of only 22 universities in the U.S. to receive an "A" rating by ACTA, thereby confirming the academic integrity of the core curriculum. In accordance with the ACTA standards, Regent's general education curriculum requires coursework in English Composition, Literature, Economics, U.S. History, Mathematics, and the Natural Sciences, while offering elective courses in foreign language. Foundational courses in biblical worldview, Christian leadership, Communication, Philosophy, and the Arts are also integral to the general education core.

Transforming the Christian Mind consists of 49 cumulative credit hours structured through the following six competencies: biblical worldview, cultural perspective, critical thinking and analysis, written and oral communication, quantitative and scientific literacy, and Christian leadership. As such, the general education core curriculum is structured in the following manner:

  • Biblical Worldview: 15 credit hours (5 courses)
  • Cultural Perspective: 15 credit hours (5 courses)
  • Critical Thinking and Analysis: 6 credit hours (2 courses)
  • Written and Oral Communication: 6 credit hours (2 courses)
  • Quantitative and Scientific Literacy: 7 hours (2 courses)
  • Christian Leadership: 10 hour experiential learning leadership experience

While each competency is acquired through a unique set of courses, students should note that multiple courses in the general education curriculum and specific majors reaffirm many of these competencies. For example, written communication, critical thinking and analysis, and biblical worldview frameworks are key aspects of every Regent University course. Thus, while the University's general education curriculum focuses on these competencies, a student's entire educational Regent experience will further develop these competencies at various times and in various depths.

Students who successfully complete the first two years of their program may be eligible to receive an Associate of Arts in General Studies degree.

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