More Than a Profession

Law Is a Calling

In a close-knit community of scholars, School of Law students receive rigorous legal training plus the added benefit of a Christian perspective through which to view the law. To those prospective students who may ask whether a legal education at Regent Law is more heavily weighted toward Christian philosophy than it is to practice, the answer is no.

Our students are required to take courses that balance analytical skills with the practical written and oral skills vital to success in the everyday practice of law. Regent Law's legal research and writing program and advocacy skills boards ensure that our graduates are fundamentally sound attorneys.

Each law class is longer than the American Bar Association (ABA) requires in order to accommodate a period of prayer and devotion. Whether led by students or faculty, this time can be used as a teaching moment or for corporate worship, and is a welcome contrast to the reception that public affirmations of Christ might receive elsewhere.

Many graduates of Regent Law describe their academic experience here as "life-changing." In a unique environment where talking openly about the Christian faith is welcomed, they cherish memories of an excellent legal education, outstanding professors and supportive classmates.

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