A Message from the Dean

"We're not just creating more lawyers;
we're creating a different kind of lawyer."

Dean, Jeffrey A. BrauchThere was a time when lawyers were known as counselors-at-law. They were trained not just for a job, but also for a higher service. At Regent University School of Law, that time still exists. To send out more lawyers today is not enough. Our society needs men and women who are called to something higher, something greater. Regent Law exists to equip men and women like you who choose to respond to that call. We desire to train counselors-at-law who will serve as trusted advisors and community leaders.

Part of that training is to equip you with the skills you need to be an excellent attorney. We have an outstanding and rigorous writing program. Our Center for Advocacy provides superb training in the legal skills of negotiation, trial advocacy, and appellate advocacy, and we have seen the fruit of those outstanding programs. Indeed, as you will read in the following pages, our competition teams are among the best in the nation, and our graduates pass the bar and find employment with considerable success.

But training in legal skills alone is not enough. What makes Regent different from most law schools approved by the American Bar Association is that we thoroughly integrate a Christian perspective into the classroom. We are committed to the proposition that there are truths—eternal principles of justice—informing the way we should practice law and truths about the law itself. We believe character matters. We talk openly about how an attorney can display attributes such as integrity and humility in a profession that can challenge both. And we discuss not only what the law is but also where it came from and what it ought to be.

As you consider a calling to law, I encourage you to consider a legal education that recognizes the critical role the Christian faith should play in our legal system and your professional life. I trust that in so doing, you will be drawn to Regent for your legal studies.

Jeffrey A. Brauch
Dean and Professor, School of Law