Student Resources

Continued enrollment in Regent Law is contingent upon adherence to the following:

Student Weekly Announcements are sent out by the Dean's Office each Friday afternoon. Archived announcements can be found in The Law Student Online Community.

To access the community, log in to Blackboard and find "Law School Student Community" listed under your courses.

Textbooks may be purchased online through Blackboard. To access the bookstore, log in to the MyRegent portal to go to Blackboard. Then, select Blackboard Store from the homepage. For additional information about the online bookstore, visit the University Bookstore. The Law Student Community in Blackboard also contains a discussion board for students to buy and sell books.

Academic Success Program

August 1-12, 2016 | More information

New Student Orientation (1L J.D. students only)
August 15-19, 2016 | View Fall 2016 Orientation Schedule PDF

Law Student/Faculty Retreat (ALL J.D., M.A., and LL.M. students)

Part II of Orientation (1L J.D. students only)
January 19, 2016 | 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. | RH 112
Orientation Part II 2016 Power Point Presentation

Professionalism Program (1L J.D. students only)
Presented by the Virginia State Bar to all Virginia law schools.

If a student has missed any of the mandatory events this academic year, he or she is required to watch a video (posted in Blackboard) of the event and certify that it is completed. Below is also a link to the honors certification form that must be filled out, signed by the student, and returned to RH 223. All missed event videos must be watched, and the form returned in a timely fashion to avoid placement of a hold on your student account. The hold will not be removed until these requirements have been fully completed.

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