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Symposium 2012

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What if the government forced dietary habits on you? What if “natural” food wasn’t natural at all? Food law touches a broad range of areas, from clean labeling and customer protection to sustainability, disease prevention, and food quality. Come to Regent Law Review’s Food Law Symposium on September 28, 2013, and learn about laws that affect you—and what you eat—every day.

Food law encompasses many areas, including agriculture, food production, labeling, development, and bioethics. In the wake of recent laws such as the New York City restriction on large sodas, interest in food law has increased significantly.

While many experts believe restrictions on food are merited, others believe restraints on what marketing or labeling is acceptable should be limited. Many consumers want greater transparency, but large companies often vie for the freedom to experiment in producing more economical and sustainable food supplies.

Practitioners, professors, students, and consumers are encouraged to attend this exciting event that promises to be an informative and helpful exploration of the developing issues related to food law. 

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