Vol. 19, No. 2

The Regent Law Review's Spring 2007 Issue (Vol. 19, No. 2) features nine articles, two panel discussions, and two comments. Below is a list of the articles and their authors. To order a copy, please fill out the subscription form.

(All articles and notes are in Description: PDFformat.)


Crawford and Davis: A Personal Reflection – Richard D. Friedman

Cross-Examination Earlier or Later: When Is It Enough to Satisfy Crawford? – Christopher B. Mueller

Nontestimonial Hearsay after Crawford, Davis and Bockting - Laird C. Kirkpatrick

“He Said,” “She Said,” and Issues of Life and Death: The Right to Confrontation at Capital Sentencing Proceedings – Penny J. White

Softening the Formality and Formalism of the “Testimonial” Statement Concept – Robert P. Mosteller

Is Confrontation the Bottom Line? – Roger C. Park

The End of the “Virtually Constitutional”? The Confrontation Right and Crawford v. Washington as a Prelude to Reversal of Maryland v. CraigDavid M. Wagner

Solomon’s Sword: The Loser Gets Process – Charles Nesson

Forfeiture of the Confrontation Right After Crawford and DavisRichard D. Friedman

Panel Discussions

Morning Panel Discussion with Professors Friedman, Mueller, and Nesson

Afternoon Panel Discussion with Professors Friedman, Kirkpatrick, Mosteller, Mueller, Park, and White


Telecommuting: A Reasonable Accommodation Under the Americans with Disabilities Act as Technology Advances – Brianne M. Sullenger

Lost Profit or Lost Chance: Reconsidering the Measure of Recovery for Lost Profits in Breach of Contract Actions – Jeremy L. Pryor