Vol. 12, No. 2

The Regent Law Review's Spring 2000 Issue (Vol. 12, No. 2) is “A Tribute to Justice Clarence Thomas,” which features thirteen articles. Below is a list of the articles and their authors. To order a copy, please fill out the subscription form.

 (All articles and notes are in Description: PDF format.)

A Tribute To Justice Clarence Thomas

Justice Clarence Thomas: Reviving Restraint and Personal Responsibility – Senator John D. Ashcroft

Personal Responsibility – Justice Clarence Thomas

Justice Clarence Thomas: A Brief Tribute – Judge Pasco M. Bowman II

Justice Thomas and the Voting Rights Act – Judge Edith H. Jones

The Jurisprudence of Clarence Thomas – Edwin Meese III

The Emerging Contours of Justice Thomas’s Textualism – Judge H. Brent McKnight

“Judge Thomas is the First Choice”: the Case for Clarence Thomas – Thomas L. Jipping

Natural Law and Justice Thomas – John S. Baker, Jr.

The Truth About Clarence Thomas and the Need for New Black Leadership – Stephen F. Smith

Clarence Thomas and the Fifth Amendment: His Philosophy and Adherence to Protecting Property Rights – Nancie G. Marzulla

Eschewing the Superlegislative Prerogative: Tax Opinions of Justice Clarence Thomas – Darlene Addie Kennedy

Justice Clarence Thomas: The Emerging “New Federalist” on the Rehnquist Court – Laura A. Till

Peaches, Speech, and Clarence Thomas: Yes, California, There is a Justice Who Understands the Ramifications of Controlling Commercial Speech – Jennifer R. Franklin