Other Information and Disclosures

Access for Persons with Disabilities

Student housing does provide accessibility for persons with disabilities. However, students with disabilities should be aware that the Uganda Christian University (UCU) campus and the country of Uganda generally do not provide disability access to the same extent as in the United States. While persons with disabilities should be able to access guest housing, classrooms, and most administrative buildings at UCU, there may be some limited circumstances where students will have difficulty accessing facilities. Additionally, some government buildings that students will visit during the program and other off-campus recreational activity locations may not have full access. The Program Director will take steps necessary to ensure that favorable accommodations will be made, but students with disabilities should contact the Program Director prior to registering for the program to discuss any particular concerns. 

Health Advisory and Special Accommodations

All international programs can be rigorous, and some of the events may require reasonably demanding physical activities; therefore, participants should possess the ability to

  • Walk half a mile without rest
  • Stand for 30 minutes without sitting
  • Climb two flights of stairs without assistance
  • Hear group instructions
  • Read and understand written instructions and signs
  • Step in and out of busses or shuttles

While some reasonable accommodations are available as part of the Uganda program, as described under Other Information and Disclosures, Regent University may be unable to provide special accommodations for some people with disabilities. If a participant needs accommodation or assistance, that person must bring a companion/assistant and the companion/assistant will be required to pay full price for the trip (but not tuition, unless they are taking classes for credit). Also, persons with a health or mental condition that may interfere with participation in program activities must consult with their physician to determine if they are able to participate in this physically demanding study abroad program. Contact the Program Director with any questions.