Uganda Study Abroad Program

Financial aid for Summer

Federal student loans are available for the cost of attendance: airfare, tuition, fees, books, and room/board.  Personal expenses, purchases, and additional travel costs are not included.

The 2013-2014 FAFSA (present year) includes Summer 2014.  If you already have loans for the current year, then you only need to extend your Grad PLUS loan for summer.  Loans will not be processed for Summer 2014 until February - after Spring 2014 has been completed.  If you did not receive student loans this year, but will need loans for the summer, then you should submit the 2013-2014 FAFSA before the end of 2013.

Students will need to purchase airfare prior to the disbursement of summer student loans. Hence, summer loan disbursements will reimburse the student airfare expenditures.

Room & Board

Students in the program are provided living quarters on the Uganda Christian University (UCU) campus at “Save the Mothers” – a separate building containing fourteen guest rooms. Students will be housed in their own individual rooms with a shared bathroom and shower for every two rooms. For security, health, and accountability purposes, students attending the program will be required to live in the housing provided by UCU. Classrooms, housing, and faculty quarters are all within a five minute walk of each other and are all located on the secure campus at UCU.


Tuition (4 credit hours X $1,110) $4,440
Admin fee, incl. room & board and tours 2,350
Technology fee 250
Travel assistance fee 50
Total $7,090

Balance for tuition and program fees due by April 30, 2014.

All room and board expenses are included in the total tuition and program fee of TBD. Students will be responsible for purchasing their own airline tickets and can expect the tickets to cost approximately $1,500-$1,800 during the summer months. Other personal expenses during the duration of the program should be minimal. The optional Murchison Falls Safari (TBD) and Jinja Trip (TBD) represent potential additional personal expenses.

The Total Projected Budget