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Strasbourg Study Abroad Program


Clothes Line

  • Some people brought a clothes line and hand washed their clothes in the tub in their room and line dried them.  This is the cheapest way to do laundry, but it is also very time intensive.
  • If you would like to try doing your laundry by hand, you may want to consider using the laundry facilities for jeans, pants, or other items that would take longer to clean and dry.

Note about Laundry

  • There is a washing machine and dryer in the Foyer that you must sign up for in the front office.
  • It costs a few Euros to wash and dry (which includes the soap) Tokens are available for purchase in the Foyer office.
  • The laundry facilities at the Foyer are smaller than American machines.  The washer is very easy to use once the Foyer staff has showed you which buttons to push. The dryer requires further instruction since it operates differently than American machines. 

Dryer Tips

  • The dryer does not work like a standard American dryer.  Some clothes dry much more quickly than others, and if you do not get them out there is a possibility that they may be scorched.
  • We learned to check our clothes after 30 minutes and then periodically till they were done. (You can only keep the door open for a short period before it turns off. If you get the door open and shut before the light goes out, you can push the button to restart the dryer and continue the cycle. If the light shuts off before you get the door shut again, you will have to purchase another coin to operate the dryer to complete the cycle.)
  • Hang drying delicate items eliminates the risk of damage to your clothes.


  • There is also a Laundromat approximately 4 blocks away from the Foyer.
  • Ask at the front office for directions.