Strasbourg Study Abroad Program


As a trading center since medieval times, Strasbourg is strategically located for weekend travel opportunities throughout Europe. By train, Strasbourg is minutes from Germany, about an hour from Switzerland, and two-and-a-half hours from Paris. The program is structured to encourage students to travel and experience the history and culture of Europe while learning law.

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Ben clerked for the American Center for Law and Justice before heading to Strasbourg. "The train system in Europe is an easy and efficient way to go on weekend excursions. Traveling by train enabled me to see a lot of Europe and still get some studying done. But do not ignore Strasbourg and the surrounding Alsace region! There is wonderful culture to experience and plenty of good food to enjoy right there too."

D'Lorah went to a different law school, but joined the Regent program and greatly enjoyed the experience. "The Strasbourg Program was a tremendous opportunity to discover the practicalities of International Human Rights Law. From classroom to court room to concentration camp, learning never ceased."

Abraham interned before the program began with the judges of his local state district court. "During my 1L summer, I was able to have both a complete internship and the cultural experience of a lifetime. The Strasbourg Program will enrich your law school experience by not only providing a unique opportunity to interact closely with distinguished faculty members, but also by providing beneficial exposure to the legal and cultural perspectives of Europe."

Ann attended additional summer classes at Regent University before her departure to Strasbourg. "I was amazed at the extent of the material covered and the cultural world opened to us by our professors. I also took full advantage of the travel opportunities in my free time. The Strasbourg Program exceeded my expectations, both inside and outside the classroom."