Summer Program in Israel

Proposed Israel Itinerary

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Christian Worldview

Regent University School of Law invites participants from other schools to enroll in the Regent program. All participating students and their guests must understand and respect that courses, program activities, and group conduct shall reflect the program's commitment to a Christian worldview and mode of conduct.

Spouse and Other Guests

Spouses and other guests (e.g., parent or sibling) are permitted as space allows.

Non-Regent Students

If you are a law or graduate government student who is not attending Regent University School of Law, please mail an original "Letter of Good Standing" on your school's official letterhead signed by the appropriate official from your law or government school to Mrs. Susan Stewart, Regent University School of Law, 1000 Regent University Dr., RH 247, Virginia Beach, VA  23464.   This program is fully accredited by the American Bar Association, and courses are cross-listed for both Law and Government credit.  Non-Regent students are responsible to ensure that the courses offered in this program are acceptable to their respective law schools.


Travel to Israel requires a valid passport.  Due to the increased demand for passports following 9/11, it takes additional time to obtain a U.S. passport.  If you do not yet have a valid U.S. passport, apply for a passport immediately. 

You may do so at any U.S. post office (you may need to apply for expedited delivery).  U.S. citizens are not required to obtain a visa prior to arrival in Israel.  Non-U.S. citizen students must check with their respective ministries of foreign affairs/embassies to determine whether Israel requires that nationals of their countries obtain a visa prior to arrival. 

If a visa is required, students must ensure that they obtain such a visa prior to arriving at the airport to fly to Israel.  Otherwise, they will be denied permission to board the plane.

Furthermore, Israel requires that, as of your date of departure, your passport have at least six months time remaining before the expiration date. If that is not the case, you will be denied permission to board the plane.

U.S. citizens should visit the following website for information on expedited passports and other passport information:

If you have recently visited a Muslim country that does not recognize Israel, we recommend that you get a new passport before making arrangements to attend our Israel program.  You will undergo very strict scrutiny by Israeli security personnel if your passport has the stamp of a Muslim country in it.

Once you have your passport, please open your passport to the page containing your picture, birth information, etc., and make three (3) photocopies of the open pages.  You should give or mail two (2) copies to Mrs. Susan Stewart, Regent University School of Law, 1000 Regent University Dr., RH 247, Virginia Beach, VA  23464. The other copy you should keep in a safe place—you should take the third copy with you when you travel to Israel (but always secure it in a separate place from your passport). [NOTE: If you were to lose your passport or if it were to be stolen, you would use your photocopied information to expedite the re-issue of a passport from the U.S. consul in Israel.]

Special Accommodations

Due to the nature of the program, extensive walking on centuries old cobblestones and a good amount of climbing are required.  As such, unfortunately, there are no accommodations available in the Israel program for travelers with disabilities.  If you have questions, please contact us.