Summer Program in Israel Costs


Note: In order to have the program, at least 20 students must participate.
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  Law Student Costs Gov't Student Costs
  Room Occupancy Room Occupancy
  Double Rm Single Rm Double Rm Single Rm
Costs (1)(2) $4048 $5974 $4048 $5974
Tuition Costs(3) $3285 $3285 $2460 $2460
Total $7333 $9259 $6508 $8434
Cost for Guests $4648 $6574 $4648 $6574

(1) Costs include the following: lodging at the Dan Panorama hotel in Jerusalem & at the Leonardo Plaza hotel in Tiberias; breakfast & dinner daily; welcome & farewell dinners; free internet at the hotels; all tours, fees & tips; pick-up from & delivery to the airport (provided that student arrives & departs in time window to be published—otherwise, student must assume such costs for him or herself); and a university required administrative fee. Among the tours & activities included in these costs are the following: trip to Masada; visiting En Gedi; swimming in the Dead Sea; walking the Jerusalem ramparts; visiting the City of David & walking through Hezekiah's tunnel; visiting the Rabbinic tunnel next to the temple mount; visiting the Western Wall on Shabbat (the Sabbath); visiting the temple mount; visiting the Garden of Gethsemane; visiting the Garden Tomb; visiting the Church of the Holy Sepulcher; visiting Yad Vashem (the Holocaust Museum); visiting the Ammunition Hill battlefield; visiting the Latrun tank museum; touring the Golan Heights; taking a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee; visiting Tel of Megiddo (Armageddon); visiting Caesarea; visiting Capernaum; visiting the Israeli Supreme Court, visiting a military court in the West Bank; receiving a briefing from the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs; visiting the Knesset; and much more!

(2) Costs do NOT include the following: a $50 travel assistance fee; plane ticket to Tel Aviv, Israel, and return to US; lunch each day; personal expenses for snacks, souvenirs, gifts, etc.; medical insurance.

(3) Students take three credit hours' worth of courses while in Israel. Law credits cost $1095 per credit (for a total of $3285). Government credits cost $820 per credit (for a total of $2460).

(4) Guests include spouses, siblings, and/or parents. NOTE: Students have first priority in this program. Guests will be admitted on a "space available" basis after all interested students have been accommodated. In general, children are not permitted. Guests will be expected to participate in student activities (we do not have the means to make special arrangements for guests & their desires). Guests are welcome to attend all classes.