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Job Request Timeline

The following timeline is provided to help determine an appropriate due date for your marketing project. Shorter timelines are subject to approval.
Ads/Media At least 30 business days
Artwork for Specialty Items At least 10 business days
Copy At least 5 business days
Displays At least 25 business days
Photography At least 15 business days
Video At least 45 business days
Print Brochure - Folded: 5-7 weeks 
Brochure - Multipage: 8-12 weeks 
Envelope: 4 weeks
Flyer: 4 weeks 
Invitation: 4-6 weeks
Newsletter: 4-7 weeks
One-sheet: 4 weeks
Pocket Folder: 4-6 weeks
Postcard: 4 weeks
Poster: 4-6 weeks
Prospectus: TBD based on project
Web Flash: 1-4 weeks
HTML Email: 7-10 business days
Landing Page: 10-15 business days
Microsite: 4-6 weeks
Web Banner: 7-10 business days
Website Design: 12 week minimum
Website Redesign: 8 week minimum