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November 1-2, 2013

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (“North Korea”) commits thousands of human rights violations every day. Torture, such as starvation, forced abortions, beatings, sexual abuse, and medical experimentation is regularly practiced in prisons and concentration camps.

North Koreans can be sentenced to life in a political prison or concentration camp for “committing a crime" as simple as being related (up to three generations removed) to someone who tried to escape North Korea, who was rumored to want to escape, or who owned a Bible. These are just a few of the gross human rights violations taking place in North Korea.

Through the summit, the Center for Global Justice intends to provide Regent students and faculty, and the community, with a holistic understanding of these and other human rights violations from the perspectives of a Korean lawyer and law professor, a North Korean refugee, a government official, and an NGO director.

We hope that increased awareness of these issues will inspire Christian students, faculty, and the community to pray for North Korea and get involved, whether politically, legally, or through various NGOs, to eradicate the abuses.