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Regent Law Center for Global Justice Internship Grant
Online Application

Complete the following form, and submit a resume and transcript to the Center for Global Justice electronically to

Student Name: Class Year:
City, State, Zip Code:
Email: Phone:
Answer the following questions:
I. Which organization are you pursuing an internship with during the upcoming summer? Please describe the work of this organization and its location.
II. Please provide details concerning the following information:
(If this is an internship you have secured on your own, email a copy of an agreement or correspondence verifying the terms of the internship to as well.)
III. How will the internship impact your calling and legal career?
IV. How will the internship further the Christian mission of the law school?
V. By applying for this grant and checking the signature box below, you state that if I am selected for a grant award, I affirm and agree to the following:
  1. I will participate in the internship described in this application.
  2. If selected for an internship grant, I am willing to volunteer my services to the specific organization listed in this application.
  3. Upon completion of the internship, I will submit a detailed report describing the internship to the Center for Global Justice.
  4. I will attend all meetings that may be associated with the internship program.
  5. I authorize Regent Law School to release information about my internship experience to the public, including other students and prospective students.
  6. During the internship, I will represent myself, Regent, and God with professionalism and integrity, dress professionally, arrive promptly, work diligently, and complete the entire internship.
Signature:    Date:   03/31/2015