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Judicial/Governmental Externship FAQs

I am interested in completing an externship, what is the process?

First, you need to find a placement site.  The site cannot be a law firm.  The site must be a governmental or judicial unit and the student must be supervised by an attorney. Once the site has agreed to supervise your externship, you will need to submit an Externship Proposal, and an Individual Study Form.  When the externship is approved you may register for the appropriate number of credit hours. 

What form or authorization will I need?
You must submit one signed copy of an Externship Proposal, and an Individual Study Form to Professor Boland in Robertson Hall 352.

How many credits can I earn with an externship?

You must work 60 hours (excluding lunches not related to the externship)
for each credit hour (1 credit = 60 hours; 2 credits=120 hours; 3 credits = 180 hours) . 

You may request a maximum of 3 credit hours per term; with no more than
5 credit hours in your law school career.

Where can I find a list of approved externship sites?

A list of approved externship sites can be found here.

I would like to work at a site that is not on the approved list.  How do I obtain approval for the site?

The site cannot be a law firm.  The site must be a governmental or judicial unit and the student must be supervised by an attorney. The student and the site supervisor for the new site need to prepare a statement of goals and objectives for the externship and the proposed activities by which the goals and objectives will be achieved. An email from your site supervisor attached to your application will satisfy this requirement. Submit your application for approval to Professor Boland’s assistant (Anca Potoan, RH 352). Your application is going to be then forwarded to Dean Cook (RH230) for a final approval. Once a site is approved, so long as students sign up for it fairly continuously it does not need to be re-approved each semester.  However, if a site is vacant for several semesters and/or there is a change in supervisor, it may have to be resubmitted and reapproved.  Be aware that new site approval may take several weeks, so be sure to submit for approval well before the deadline. 

New site approval requests are expected to be submitted by the following


Fall semester externships: June 1st

Spring semester externships: October 15th

Summer externships:  March 1st

Can I receive compensation for the work I do as an Extern?

As a general rule, students may not receive compensation for their externship.  On rare occasions exceptions can be made (for example, if the externship placement is overseas requiring inordinate travel and living expenses) for the student to be permitted to accept a grant.  The exception must be granted by the Curriculum Committee.

Can I accept a Pilar stipend to defray living expenses incurred with a summer externship? 

A Pilar stipend is permissible only to defray actual living expenses incurred with the externship.  The Pilar stipend is not permissible if you will be living at home or where you customarily live during the school year.  It would be permissible, for example, where you accept an externship in Jacksonville, FL and your home is in Miami, FL, and you will be paying for housing during your externship.