Full Time JD

StudentThe full-time program is structured so that students will graduate in three calendar years by enrolling in courses in the fall and spring semesters.

All first-year law classes meet during the morning and afternoon hours. Classes taken during the second and third years of law school may meet in the day or the evening. Students enrolled in the full-time program are generally in classes Monday through Friday.

The American Bar Association accreditation standards limit students who are taking more than 12 credit hours to 20 hours of outside work per week while classes are in session.

First-Year Schedule

Fall Semester
(16 credit hours)

Christian Foundations of Law
Contracts I
Torts I
Civil Procedure I
Property I
Legal Analysis, Research & Writing I

Spring Semester
(15 credit hours)

Contracts II

Torts II
Civil Procedure II
Property II
Legal Analysis, Research & Writing II