Juris Doctor Courses & Course Descriptions

Required Core Courses Credits
LAW 511 Christian Foundations of Law 3
LAW 521 Contracts I 3
LAW 541 Torts 1 2
LAW 551 Civil Procedure I 2
LAW 552 Legal Analysis, Research & Writing I 3
LAW 561 Property I 3
LAW 522 Contracts II 3
LAW 542 Torts II 3
LAW 553 Legal Analysis, Research & Writing II 3
LAW 554 Civil Procedure II 3
LAW 562 Property II 3
LAW 531 Criminal Law 3
LAW 602 Business Associations 4
LAW 631 Constitutional Criminal Procedure 3
LAW 652 Evidence 4
LAW 683 Constitutional Law I 3
LAW 684 Constitutional Law II 3
LAW 691 Professional Responsibility 3
LAW 780 PS Professional Skills Practicum* 2


(2) First set of limited electives (8 hours required);
At least three of the following five courses
LAW 621 Sales 2
LAW 622 Secured Transactions 3
LAW 627 Negotiable Instruments/Payment Systems 3
LAW 661 Family Law 3
LAW 684 Wills, Trusts & Estates 3


(3) Second set of limited electives (3 hours required);
At least one of the following seven courses
LAW 671 Individual Federal Income Tax 3
LAW 722 Remedies 3
LAW 746 Virginia Procedure 3
LAW 758 State Civil Pretrial Practice & Procedure 3
LAW 781 Administrative Law 3
LAW 783 Conflict of Laws 3
LAW (the unselected course from list (2) above) 3


Oral and Rigorous Written Skills Requirements
Students must take at least one oral skills course and one rigorous written skills course from the lists below. No one course can be used to satisfy both the oral and written skills requirements other than LAW 650 Appellate Advocacy.


Oral Skills Credits
LAW 654 Trial Practice 4
LAW 655 Negotiations 3
LAW 656 General Mediation 3
LAW 658 Litigation Clinic 3
LAW 660 Client Interviewing and Counseling 3
LAW 667 Family Mediation 4


Rigorous Written Skills Requirement Credits
GOV 699 Thesis 6
LAW 590 Independent Study 1-2
LAW 748 Academic Legal Scholarship 2
LAW 755 Advanced Legal Research & Writing 3
LAW 757 Drafting Contracts 3
LAW 763 Estate Planning 3
LAW ___ Seminar/Other Course Designated to Satisfy 3 Oral Skills and Rigorous Written Skills Requirement (satisfies both requirements) 1-3
LAW 650 Appellate Advocacy  


Degree Requirements

  • The JD degree requires a minimum of 90 credit hours. Joint degrees students must earn a minimum of 83 credit hours.
  • Candidates for the degree must complete the program with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 on a 4.00 scale.
  • All degree requirements for full-time students must be met within five calendar years from the date of entry into Regent Law.
  • Part-time students have a maximum of six years to complete their degree requirements. Exceptions to the time limit are granted only in extraordinary circumstances (e.g., unexpected active duty service in the United States military).
  • Candidates for the JD degree must meet the residency, unit, grade, and course requirements in effect at the time of their admission. Students who withdraw and later re-enter the law school will be bound by the requirements in effect at the time of their readmission. A waiver of certain new or changed requirements may be granted if a good cause is shown.

The nature, content and number of units awarded for courses are subject to change without notice. The curriculum is set forth on the linked pages. Elective courses are offered according to faculty availability and student enrollment.

Three-year & Four-year Transfer Options

After orientation, students may exercise a one-time transfer option between the part-time and full-time programs at the end of the spring semester. Should you desire to transfer programs before orientation, you must submit a written request to the Office of Admissions before June 1 explaining why you are now seeking enrollment in a different program. Your revised application will be submitted to the Admissions Committee and considered for admission based on the program requirements.

Joint Degrees

Students enrolled in the full-time JD program may obtain a joint-degree, earning both degrees in significantly less time than would be required if the two degrees were pursued separately.

Program Outcomes

Click here to view a list of learning outcomes for our JD program.