Regent Law Student Intern/Extern/Fellowships

1L Summer

ABA Judicial Clerkship, Chicago, Illinois
Alabama Supreme Court Justice
Allen County Prosecutor's Office, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Alliance Defense Fund, Blackstone Fellowship (Undeclared Office)
Alliance Defense Fund, Blackstone Fellowship (ADF office in Folsom, California)
Alliance Defense Fund, Blackstone Fellowship (National Legal Foundation)
Alliance Defense Fund, Blackstone Fellowship (Parsippany, New Jersey)
Alliance for Children's Rights in Los Angeles
American Center for Law and Justice
American Center for Law and Justice, Law Clerk
American Family Association, Tupelo, Mississippi
Americans United for Life, Chicago, Illinois
Assistant DA in Cobb County Judicial Circuit, Georgia
Barr & Barr Associates, California
BMT Designer's & Planners, Inc.
Bob McDonnell Campaign for Attorney General of Virginia, Intern
Brumsey & Brumsey, Currituck County, Virginia
Cadwalader Wickersham & Taft
CASA for Kids
Chambers of Anthony Berry QC, London
Chesapeake General District Court
Chesapeake Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court (Judge Unspecified)
Chesapeake JDR, Judge Rufus Banks, Judicial Intern
Chesapeake Public Defender's Office
Chicago Legal Clinic
Chris Schmidt Christian Law Association, Seminole, Florida
Christian Missionary Alliance, Intern City
Attorney & Municipal Court Services, Georgia
Clark County District Attorney's Office, Las Vegas, Nevada
Clerk for Judges of Oklahoma's Oil & Gas Court
Cobb County District Attorney
Congressman Oxley
Contra Costa Senior Legal Services, California
Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Office of General Counsel, Fort Belvoir, Virginia
Department of Homeland Security, Office of General Counsel
District Attorney's Office, Georgia
District Attorney's Office, Santa Cruz, California
Domestic Violence Advocacy Project First Step (Domestic Violence Program), Michigan
Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Frankovitch, Anetakis, Colantonio & Simon
Friends of the Norfolk Juvenile Court Gay & Cipriano, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Givens Pursley, Boise, Idaho
Hackstaff Gessler Law
Hampton Commonwealth Attorney's Office
Harbor Group International
Hubbard & Hartley Injury Law Center
Dubai International Justice Mission
Jacobs Chase, Law Firm
Jim Brice Law Firm, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Joe E. Garcia, McAllen, Texas
Jones, Blechman, Woltz, & Kelly
Jubilee Campaign
Judge Frank, Court Appeals of Virginia
Judge Gamble, Nelson County, Virginia, Intern
Judge Humphrey, Court of Appeals of Virginia
Judge Moore, Portsmouth, Judicial Internship
Judge W. Frank, Tennessee Appeals Court, Crawford, Tennessee, Intern
Judge William K. Bell, Twenty-Third Judicial Circuit, Alabama
Judges in Arizona Federal District Court and Arizona Court of Appeals
Just Law International
Justice Tom Parker, Alabama
Keith Schroeder, Reno County DA
Kenneth B. Wills Law Firm
Kruse and Kruse, Auburn, Indiana
La Follette, Johnson, Los Angeles, California
Larsen, Romm & Lascara, P.C.
Law Firm of Dean Turman, Florida
Lefkovitz & Lefkovitz, Nashville, Tennessee
Legal Aid Society of Eastern Virginia
SC Centers for Equal Justice
Legal Services of NW New Jersey
Lentz, Stepanovich & Bergethon
Lindsay, Andrews, Leonard, Milton, Florida
Marqueta Tyson, Hampton
McDonough County State's Attorney's Office, Illinios
Michigan Senate Policy Office, Law Clerk
Monroe County District Attorney's Office, New York
National Center for State Courts
National Legal Foundation
Naval Legal Service Office in Norfolk
New York Legal Aid
Newport News Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court
Norfolk Friends of the Court
Norfolk General District Court
Norfolk Juvenile Court
Norfolk Legal Aid Office of the US Attorney General, Eastern District of Virginia
Oregon Right to life Poquoson's
District Attorney's Office
Portsmouth Circuit Court
Portsmouth General District Court, Portsmouth, Virginia
Potra Law Firm, Suwannee, Georgia
Public Defender's Office, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Richard Conrod, James Grant Firms
Rick Abell, Attorney, Illinois
Scaldone & Taylor
SCG International Risk
Scialdone & Taylor Scialdone & Taylor, Clerk
SE VA Legal Aid
Shaffer, Bock & Antonoplos, Washington, D.C.
Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker, Maryland
Solicitor's Office, Greenville, South Carolina
State Attorney's Office, Broward County, Florida
State of Tennessee, District Public Defender
Steven Talbolt, Family Law Attorney, Washington State
Suffolk General District Court
Suffolk Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court
Superior Court Judge, North Carolina
Tanner, Mulkey, and Lollar
The Gordon Law Firm, Summer Associate
The Honorable Amy R. Sigmon
The Honorable James E. Bradberry
The Honorable James M. Smart Jr., Missouri
Thomas & Associates
U.S. Air Force JAG Corps
U.S. Attorney General's Office, Norfolk, Virginia
U.S. Attorney's Office, Norfolk, Virginia
U.S. House of Representatives Small Business Committee
Virginia Beach Circuit Court
Virginia Attorney General, Environmental Division, Richmond, Virginia
Virginia Beach Circuit Court
Virginia Beach Commonwealth Attorney's Office
Virginia Beach General District Court
Virginia Beach Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court
Virginia Supreme Court
W. Jeffery Yates P.P.C.
Wilcox & Savage
William C. Cowardin, Jr. Zoby & Brocolleti

2L Summer

Aldridge, Seswell, Spence & Felthousen Law Firm
Allen County Prosecutor's Office, Indiana Allen Matkins, Criminal Defense Attorney
Allen Smitt Law Firm, Chesapeake, Virginia
Alliance Defense Fund, Blackstone Fellowship
Iowa Family Policy Counsel
American Center for Law and Justice
Arizona Court of Appeals
Charles Rosenthal, District Attorney in Harris County, Texas
Community Medication Center, Norfolk, Virginia
Dallas County District Attorney
Department of Justice, Washington, D.C.
Georgia Attorney General's Office, Government Services Division
Golden Corral Legal Department
Harbor Group International
Internal Revenue Service
Iowa Public Defender's Office
Iowa State Attorney General's Office
Judge Frank, Virginia Court of Appeals
Judge Lawrence L. Koontz
Judge Walter D. Kelley, Eastern District of Virginia, Norfolk, Virginia
Just Law International
Maricopa County Attorney's Office, Arizona
Murphy & Grantland, Columbia, South Carolina
National Legal Foundation
Norfolk Commonwealth Attorney's Office
Pacific Justice Institute
Patten, Wornom, Hatten & Diamonstein
PGA Tour, Retail Licensing Department
Portfolio Recovery Associates, Norfolk, Virginia
Public Counsel Law Center
Homeless Court Program, Los Angeles, California
Richardson & Kucharski Co., Cleveland, Ohio
Robert Tidwell L.L.C Law Firm
Senator Inhofe, Legal Fellowship, Washington, D.C.
Tanner, Mulkey, and Lollar
Thomasson & Associates
U.S. Air Force JAG Corps,
U.S. Army JAG Corps, Fort Jackson, South Carolina
U.S. Army JAG Corps, Ft. Hood, Texas
U.S. Attorney's Office, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
U.S. Navy JAG Corps
Virginia Attorney General's Office
Virginia Attorney General's Office, Transportation and Technology Division
Zoby & Brocolleti