A fellowship is a position with a preset term (e.g., two-year fellowship) that provides research or work on a specific topic. A fellowship is usually accompanied by a stipend or scholarship and is awarded to individuals to help compensate for their contributions during the fellowship term.

Students who receive fellowships work for organizations such as the Blackstone Legal Fellowship. About 100 Regent Law students have been Blackstone Fellows since 2000.

Fellowship Spotlight

Abbie Nordhagen
Blackstone Fellow; Solicitor General, Montana Attorney General's Office Helena, Montana

"I spent the two first weeks of my fellowship listening to scholars and discussing politics and religion with some of the nation’s brightest. For the internship portion of the fellowship, I worked for the Solicitor General in the Montana Attorney General's office. I worked on some of the state’s hot button cases and wrote a criminal appellate brief to the Montana Supreme Court. If you are thinking about applying for Blackstone, the answer is unequivocally, 'Yes.'"

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