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Quasi-governmental Externship Opportunity: The National Sea Grant Law Center (NSGLC) at The University of Mississippi School of Law is seeking two law student externs for a project this summer. The NSGLC is a federally funded legal research, education, and outreach center that works with organizations throughout the country to address legal issues related to our oceans and coasts. The Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission (MPPDC) in Saluda, Va., recently partnered with the NSGLC to identify legal remedies to address failing septic systems associated with “heir property” ownership. While many co-owners enjoy the flexibility heir property (tenancy in common) offers and the sense of community it fosters, the title to such property is usually considered clouded. The MPPDC has grant and loan funding available to help fix failing septic systems, but it cannot expend these resources unless clear ownership and title to the land can be established. 

The NSGLC and the MPPDC would like to work with two law students in Virginia to develop two legal white papers on (1) heir property ownership issues in general and (2) various legal remedies to failing septic tanks located on heir property in Virginia.   

While the student externs would be working for the MPPDC, they do not have any attorneys on staff. The externs would be supervised remotely by Stephanie Showalter Otts, JD/M.S.E.L (Vermont Law School, '01), NSGLC director. Stephanie has extensive experience supervising law students remotely on similar projects. At a minimum, Stephanie would have weekly virtual meetings with the students and project partners, via GoToMeeting or Skype, and work closely with the students to direct the research and drafting of the white papers. 

Interested students should contact Dominiqua Dickey, Program Coordinator for the National Sea Grant Law Center at The University of Mississippi School of Law, at

Chesapeake General District Court would like to host one extern each semester. An extern would be supervised by the staff attorney, and would also work directly with the law clerks and judges. The externs would have the opportunity to research a variety of legal issues that arise for our judges, review orders submitted to the court for compliance with statutory requirements, examine and research petitions for writ of habeas corpus, review final decrees of divorce, and observe court proceedings. We would prefer to only host externs who are at least in the top half of their class by rank.

United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia
- Judge Rebecca Beach Smith