Externship Proposal Packets

All the information requested on the Externship Proposal is required. Please do not submit the proposal until it is completed, signed, and dated. The Individual Study Form must be submitted along with the Proposal Packet.

Click here to access the Externship Proposal Packet
Click here to access the Individual Study Form

If you are unsure of the specific tasks you will perform or whether you will be able to supply any work product, please state that in your Proposal and give an estimated time when that information will be provided to Professor Boland.

Please insure that the information in the "Plan for Review and Evaluation of Externship" section of the Proposal is complete before submission. You can copy it verbatim. 

Please sign and date your proposal and submit it along with the completed Individual Study Form. You may scan or email the forms to Anca Potoan.

If you are requesting new site approval, please submit any documentation you have from the site supervisor accepting you as an extern along with the Proposal and Individual Study Forms. New site approval requests must be submitted by the following dates:

Fall semester: April 15th
Spring semester: October 15th
Summer semester: March 1st

In addition, please attach a statement from the site supervisor for the new site that includes a statement of goals and objectives for the externship and the proposed activities by which the goals and objectives will be achieved. (An email from the supervisor is acceptable). 

All new sites must be approved by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Student Services. This process can take several weeks; please submit your proposal promptly.