Spring 2011 Syllabi

The chart below is a combination of the Spring 2011 semester class schedule and the corresponding syllabi for each course where available.




GOV602 Principles of Economics Oster
GOV603 Research Methods Manjikian
GOV604 Christian Foundations of Government Davids
GOV620 Constitutional Law II Davids
GOV623 Public Policy Initiatives Dyer
GOV634 Public Budgeting & Taxation Policy Dyer
GOV636 Congressional Leadership Dunn
GOV646 Camp David III* Roberts
GOV651 Biblical Law Kickasola
GOV655 International Human Rights Bom
GOV658 American Political Thought Morrison
GOV660 Intelligence & National Security Manjikian
GOV668 Political Organizations & Behavior* Slemp
GOV673 International Democratic Development Bom
GOV674 The International Economy* Ramey
NPRF681 Managing Not-for-Profit Organizations Flores
GOV689 American Foreign Policy in the Middle East* Ramey
GOV697 Biblical Foundations of Leadership Morrison
*Denotes online only class.