Fall 2010 Syllabi

The chart below is a combination of the Fall 2010 semester class schedule and the corresponding syllabi for each course where available.




GOV602 Principles of Economics Oster
GOV603 Research Methods Manjikian
GOV604 Christian Foundations of Government Davids
GOV610 Political Philosophy Morrison
GOV615 Economic Policy Chavarria
GOV619 Constitutional Law and Policy I Davids
GOV630 Public Human Resources Management Dyer
GOV635 Presidential Leadership Dunn
GOV648 Special Topics: Case Studies in Development and Implementation
of National Legal Policy
GOV653 Mid-East Politics Abu-Jaber
GOV654 International Politics Bom
GOV659 Qur'anic Law Kickasola
GOV663 Campaign Management & Strategy Dyer
GOV670 Principles of Public Administration Dyer
GOV675 Hemispheric Integration Bom
GOV677 Terrorism and Homeland Defense Manjikian
GOV682 Fundraising and Campaign Finance Strategies Dyer
GOV685 Islamic Political Thought Meredith
GOV685B Political, Social and Religious Protest Rhetoric Newman
GOV697 Biblical Foundations of Leadership Morrison