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August 2013
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Dean Eric Patterson, Ph.D.Dear Friends,

As summer nears its end, you may be wondering: what has RSG's faculty been doing during the summer months? Along with our staff colleagues, we have been keeping busy! I have provided a snapshot of some of their academic activities below.

We look forward to a great fall semester, welcoming new students and continuing to celebrate the 30th anniversary of RSG. I hope that you will join us for one of our many events on our calendar, most notably our alumni-and-friends weekend on October 25-26 (concurrent with Regent's Clash of the Titans®).

This summer, our faculty:

Associate Professor Jeffry Morrison was a returning faculty member at the federally-funded James Madison Memorial Foundation and director of its 2013 summer institute on the Constitution.

Associate Dean Mary Manjikian led RSG's first-ever student cyber-challenge team into competition at American University in Washington, D.C. She presented a paper on intelligence analysis at the University of Mississippi and participated in training on teaching international humanitarian law sponsored by the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Professor Jim Slack, Director of RSG's MPA program, gave lectures at Grove City College, Cedarville University and University of Mount Union. He also established a monthly op-ed series for a local business magazine, Inside Business, on human resource and workplace issues.

Professor Gary Roberts had an article entitled "Religious Commitment and Servant Leadership: The Development of an Exploratory Conceptual Model" accepted for publication by the International Journal of Servant Leadership."

Professor Emeritus Joseph Kickasola attended a conference at the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy in Washington, D.C., and celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary!

RSG Dean Eric Patterson co-authored three pieces with RSG grad students: a short essay on the ethics of drone warfare (with Rushad Thomas), an essay to be presented at the annual meeting of the American Political Science Convention on August 29 (with Nathan Gill), and a book review (with Rushad Thomas). He also spent two weeks on active duty with the Texas Air National Guard.

RSG's Christian Public Servant daily devotional-newsletter topped 18,000 subscribers in early July! Subscribe at: Christian Public Servant e-newsletter.

Warm regards,

Eric Patterson, Ph.D.
Dean, Robertson School of Government

For more details as well as our calendar of events, please see our website.

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Faculty Profile: Dr. Charles W. Dunn - Forging Ahead into Retirement

Dr. Charles Dunn After nine years of service to Regent University and the Robertson School of Government, Dr. Charles Dunn, distinguished professor is retiring. In a letter shared with the Regent community, Dunn says, "All good things must come to an end. And, thus, I leave Regent with great affection and great anticipation, because the future of Regent remains as bright as Dr. Robertson's vision."

An accomplished leader, Dunn has served presidents, senators and governors throughout his career, running their staffs and contributing to their political processes. "I have experience at the highest levels of government," Dunn explains, "and I do my best to bring that to the classroom every day."

Dunn is the author or editor of 21 books on American politics, including American Exceptionalism, American Culture in Peril, The Presidency in the 21st Century, The Enduring Reagan, The Future of Conservatism (which was favorably reviewed in the New York Times), The Conservative Tradition in America, The Seven Laws of Presidential Leadership, The Scarlet Thread of Scandal, American Political Theology and American Democracy Debated. Outside the political arena, he also published The Upstream Christian in a Downstream World (1979), which went through 10 printings.

Throughout his career, Dunn has delivered major lectures and speeches around the world, including in Israel, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, China, Russia, Mexico, Canada, Egypt and Indonesia. He makes regular appearances on many national television and radio programs, including NBC's Today Show, FOX News' The O'Reilly Factor, ABC's World News Tonight and PBS' All Things Considered. Before joining RSG, Dunn taught at Clemson University and there received the Michelin Award for Teaching Excellence. He now holds the title of Professor Emeritus at Clemson. He also received the Distinguished Alumnus Award from Illinois State University.

During his tenure, inspired by President Ronald Reagan, Dunn established Regent's annual Ronald Reagan Symposium. "Critics contended that Ronald Reagan was nothing more than a third-rate Hollywood actor who lacked the intellectual depth and educational training to serve successfully as president," Dunn recalls. "Reagan jumped high over this low bar of expectations, leading an insurgent conservative movement into the White House."

Now in its eighth year, the symposium is held in February on the birthday of President Reagan. The event draws a diverse crowd to campus to celebrate the leadership of one of modern history's greatest presidents. Each year, symposium speakers contribute their research and presentations to books on presidential and political leadership.

"As recorded in President Reagan's own words, he followed the example set by America's founding presidents who held high the Bible as the guiding light for America: 'My experience in the office I hold has only deepened the belief I have held for many years. Within the covers of that single book are all the answers to all the problems that face us today if we would only read and believe,'" says Dunn, who is himself quite the pioneering leader.

Having taught every semester since 1972 at the University of Illinois, Clemson University, Grove City College and Regent, Dunn loves teaching. His students say that one of the things they remember most about his classes is the bestowing of "Big Dog" awards. These verbal commendations that he awards each week honor students for achievements such as "Best Paper Title," "Best Documentation" and "Best Dressed." Dunn says, "Students compete eagerly for these awards because they realize the underlying lesson: good writing skills and a professional appearance matter in the real world."

Dunn's philosophy is simple: Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and take life one day at a time. "God told Moses, Joshua and the children of Israel, 'Take the land of Canaan little by little.' As humans, we want to make giant kangaroo leaps. But God says, 'No. Little by little.' And that's the way I view my life." As he reflects on his time at Regent, Dunn says he is grateful for the vision of Chancellor Robertson and the many opportunities he has experienced. Dunn who has taught Sunday school faithfully at his church for nearly 60 years will now work to publish several books. Dunn and his wife, Carol, have four children and nine grandchildren.

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Student Profile: Dyteya Lewis - Leading and Serving at Regent

Dyteya LewisLaid off and without another job, Dyteya Lewis knew it was time to go back to school. "Going to law school had always been a dream," says Lewis. After applying to several law schools and graduate schools, Lewis had to make a choice. Lewis says it was during this time of reflection that an atheist friend recommended Regent University because of her Christian values. Three days later, she received an invitation from RSG inviting her to apply. She took the leap of faith, applied, was accepted and began her journey to Virginia Beach. Lewis admits, Regent was not her first choice, but she knew divine providence was guiding her steps. "When I arrived in Virginia Beach, I knew not one person," says Lewis.

Armed with a B.A. in Political Science, Lewis is pursuing her Master of Public Administration at RSG, with plans to earn a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership in the future. "I was so impressed with the RSG faculty - they do not teach primarily from a textbook; our professors have worked at the White House, the State Department and they serve local government and the military. They bring their real-world experience to the classroom, it is absolutely invaluable." Lewis says she has learned many lessons from her professors including the importance of the founding fathers, the integration of Christian values in the public sector and the importance of character in public service.

Lewis says as she plans her future career path, she is grateful for the vast network of RSG faculty contacts that allow RSG students the opportunity to interact with leaders in their chosen field of study. "For example, distinguished professor, Admiral Vern Clark (former Chief of Naval Operations and a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) came to my class and lectured on the importance of leadership in public service," says Lewis.

In July, Lewis attended a leadership summit in Washington D.C., where she was asked to represent District 2 of Virginia Beach by lobbying on Capitol Hill at Representative Scott Rigell's office. Lewis proudly says, "RSG offers a wide variety of speakers, internships, fellowships and community ties which assists in preparing students for their professional career choices."

Lewis at Scott Rigell's OfficeUpon her arrival to campus, Lewis took advantage of several opportunities available to students. She was elected as a RSG senator, representing the RSG student body on campus and became involved with Regent's Youth and Urban Center as a homeless services coordinator. "I have worked with other Regent students to serve," says Lewis.

As an officer of the Regent chapter of Christians United for Israel, Lewis was honored to receive the 2013 Robertson Israel Experience Scholarship. Lewis spent nearly three weeks in Israel learning about the Israeli government, the challenges of border security and visiting historical sites. "I realized my lifelong dream of traveling to Israel," says Lewis.

Her favorite scripture is: Trust in the LORD with all your heart; and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him and He will direct your path. Proverbs 3:5-6

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Alumni Profile: Rachel Preston - Delivering Justice and Mercy

Rachel PrestonJustice. Mercy. Perseverance. Patience sprinkled with compassion. Such lofty character qualities are often required of those who work with a criminal population, and Rachel Andrada Preston humbly accepted such a personal challenge. Today, Preston is an intake and probation officer for the Norfolk Criminal Justice System (NCJS) serving as a liaison between agencies and judicial officials while supervising hundreds of criminal cases. Growing up, Preston was fascinated with the criminal justice system, eager to understand its strengths and weaknesses. She was motivated by a desire to make a difference in other people's lives, she recalls. With determination, Preston pursued educational and career goals that would provide that opportunity to help others.

After obtaining a bachelor's in administration of justice from George Mason University (2004), Preston began working as a pretrial services officer with NCJS. As an enthusiastic new hire, she was soon initiated into reality as she began supervising more than 120 cases, conducting alcohol and drug screenings, ensuring compliance of court bond conditions, and offering referrals to community resources. Those who worked with Preston at NCJS were pleased she was onboard. Preston's director, Mechelle Smith, explains, "Rachel had the maturity to know what was needed, even though she was young. I could always rely on her." Though Preston's foot was in the door of the justice system, she yearned for more training. "I wanted to see a complete picture... the political aspect as well as the criminal justice side," she reflects.

Preston wrestled with whether to go back to school, and subsequently, which graduate program could meet her needs. After researching local graduate school options, she discovered Regent's online master's program in government and was soon underway. "I had the ability to do everything at home online, yet the teachers were available to work with me one-on-one," Preston says. "I knew I was not a number. The professors make you feel that," she recalls. While studying for her public administration major, Preston received a transfer to a new daytime assignment—new demands on all fronts. As a pretrial case investigator, she spent much of her time inside the local correctional facility, interviewing and assessing many arrested individuals. Preston determined prisoners' risk levels in order to make bail and release recommendations.

May 2007 included not only a hard-earned master's degree for Preston; she prepared via email for a wedding with her deployed fiancé. Shortly after her marriage in 2008, Preston was promoted to a position of local intake and probation officer. As a Marine Corps wife, she has discovered another outlet for her helping heart: involvement in the Marine Corps family support network and a lead role as Family Readiness Advisor. Preston is that compassionate touch, email or phone contact for spouses and parents of Marines—anytime—day or night. "If the families are supported in stressful times, the Marine will be better equipped to focus on the mission," she says. She was honored with a nomination from her husband's unit to represent all Marine Corps wives at the State of the Union address in 2010. Though not the finalist selected, Preston was humbled to be acknowledged for a work she feels so honored to be part of.

She speaks of her life of service by saying, "I just want to make an impact on someone's life so that they know they are not alone." She believes whether in church or in the community, each person is called to be a public servant. "I learned that at Regent," Preston states. "Nothing is guaranteed; we can only do our best for today."

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