Academics FAQ

How long will it take me to complete my Master of Arts in Government?
Students attending classes full-time can earn the degree in 18-24 months. Part time students typically complete the degree in 3-5 years.

How many credits is the M.A. in Government program?
A total of 30 hours are required to complete the M.A. in Government.

What core courses will I need to take?
For a complete listing of core courses, please click here>

What courses are offered next semester?
To view the classes taught next semester, please click here>

May I take a few classes without seeking a degree?
Yes, many people desire to take a few select courses for professional development purposes. Applicants for this non-degree status should submit a Non-Degree Application form. For Non-Degree requirements click here>

Can I complete all of the concentrations & certificates through online distance education?
Yes, the M.A. in Government degree can be completed entirely online or at our beautiful Virginia Beach Campus.

As an online student, is it mandatory to do an on-campus residency?
No, an on-campus residency is not required.

Can I take my elective classes outside of the School of Government?
Students are allowed to take an elective from another one of Regent's schools as long as those classes fit with a government degree - for example, from the Regent School of Law or the Regent School of Business. The Dean must approve any class taken outside of the School of Government which is used for credit toward one's government degree.

Is the thesis a requirement for the M.A. in Government?
No, the thesis course is only recommended for students who are planning on pursing a Ph.D or who will go on to heavy research positions after graduation.

What is Blackboard and, as a student, am I required to use it?
Blackboard is an online platform used to communicate via the internet in an educational environment. Each professor utilizes this tool in varying degrees. All students whether distance or on campus, may be asked to use it to participate in online discussions, view assignments/syllabi, post papers, communicate with peers, etc.

Who do I contact for questions concerning Blackboard?
If you are having problems logging in or viewing Blackboard please contact Information Technology at 757-352-4076 or Questions regarding the Blackboard Tutorial may be directed to RSG Student Services by emailing

What is the process for requesting transcripts?
Contact the registrar's office at 757-352-4038 or

Who do I need to contact to verify enrollment to an employer or lender?
Contact the registrar's office at 757-352-4038 or

Who do I contact if I need help writing in Turabian?
Contact The Writing Center at 757-352-4925 or