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Dr. Jeffry Morrison is Associate Professor of Government at Regent University and a faculty member at the federal government's James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation in Washington, D.C. He has also taught at Georgetown University, where he was the Bradley Research Fellow in the Department of Government, and Adjunct Professor of History at the United States Air Force Academy, where he was an award-winning member of the Department of Political Science. Dr. Morrison also taught at Princeton University, where he was Visiting Assistant Professor and James Madison Fellow in American Ideals and Institutions in the Department of Politics in 2003-04.

He graduated with distinction from Boston College and from Georgetown, where he received his Ph.D. He is co-editor of The Founders on God and Government (Rowman & Littlefield, 2004), John Witherspoon and the Founding of the American Republic (University of Notre Dame Press, 2005), and The Political Philosophy of George Washington (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009). Dr. Morrison has also authored numerous articles on American political thought and public law. His books have been favorably reviewed in publications including Journal of Church and State, National Review, The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, and Perspectives on Politics.

He has lectured at universities and think tanks throughout the United States and in Europe.

Fields of Expertise:

  • Political Philosophy and the American Founding