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October 2014 Newsletter

Dr. Paul Bonicelli: Obama's Staff is Not the Problem

Dr. Eric Patterson: America's Attention Not On Mid-Term Elections, Dems Delighted

Dr. Eric Patterson: NATO'S Biggest Threat is Internal: Secessionist Movements

Dr. Mary Manjikian Appointed to International Studies Association

Regent University Remembers 9/11

Dean Eric Patterson - Score: Putin 6, Obama 0…And Counting

Dr. Paul Bonicelli - Obama's Faulty Logic on Gaza is Going to Hurt U.S. Standing all Across the Middle East

Nation's First Practitioner-in-Residence/Online Joins RSG

Dr. Paul Bonicelli: What Should the U.S. Do About Sudan's Execution of Meriam Ibrahim?

Dr. Ionut Popescu: Obama Needs a Use of Force Doctrine

Dr. Gary Roberts: Hampton Roads Funders Forum

RSG Graduate: Rushad Thomas '14

Dr. Paul Bonicelli - Why USAID Is Pulling Out Of Ecuador

New RSG Speaker Series Welcomes Brigadier General

Dr. James Slack - More like Toronto than Birmingham

Dr. James Slack - Three Critical Questions About Consultants

Professor Researchs for Army War College

Adm. Vern Clark Teaches Government Class On Campus

Founding RSG Professor Reflects on 30 Years