Who can take these classes?
Students must have a GPA of 3.0 or above (undergraduate students must have completed at lest 60 credit hours and have a GPA of 3.0 or above). Preference given to past, current or prospective Regent University students but others will be considered as well.
Do I need to bring a laptop computer?
A laptop is optional, but you will need to bring an adapter (and perhaps a converter) as outlets in England use different voltage & the plugs are shaped differently. There is a computer lab on campus, but availability is limited.
What will be provided in the room?
Single bed with linens, blankets, pillows & towels. All will be changed out once a week. Four rooms share one bathroom.
Will the rooms have alarm clocks?
No. You may want to bring a travel alarm clock.
Is there a phone in the room?
Yes, but Oxford requires that you use their phone cards for long distance calls. You will be able to purchase those upon arrival. Friends and family will be able to call you in the room.
What dress is appropriate for class & the gala?
Business casual for class; semi-formal to formal for the gala.
Do I need a passport? Do I need a VISA?
YES you will need a passport. If you haven't already ordered your passport, do it ASAP! You will not be able to travel without it. You can apply for a passport online or at a number of local agencies including the US Post Office. A VISA is not necessary. To find out more passport information or apply online visit the U.S. Department of State passport webpage.
Will my blow dryer or curling iron work there?
Not without an adapter and converter. Outlets use different voltage & the plugs are shaped differently. You can purchase adapters here at travel stores or over there. Some appliances already have built-in converters. Otherwise, you will need a voltage converter as well. CHECK YOUR APPLIANCES. Warning - voltage surges can occur causing such items to be hotter than normal. More expensive adapters do have voltage controls.
Will I be able to do laundry?
Yes. Washers & dryers are available in the lower level of Abingdon House. You will need to bring or buy your own detergent.
Can I use U.S. money to purchase things?
You may exchange U.S. dollars into the English pound at various locations. You may want to check out this website, http://www.xe.com/ucc/, for the current rate of exchange. However, most places will accept a credit or debit card. You may find this to be easier than cash.
Is weekend travel allowed?
Saturdays and Sundays are available for individual travel.
How can I apply for scholarships?
Once you have been accepted to the Oxford program, you will receive a scholarship application via your Regent email account. You can then fill it out and return it to Program Coordinator, Nathalie Jeter. The Scholarship Committee will evaluate your application and grant scholarships based on merit.