International Relations Certificate

On-Campus and Online Overview

The International Relations certificate is designed to enable students to be versed in the historical and emerging trends and events of international politics so that they are qualified to aid in the creation and/or analysis of policy at the advanced level. Students are challenged to read critically, think analytically, write effectively and argue eloquently. The objective is to help students deepen their knowledge of the theory and development of international events and biblical principles that they may apply this knowledge to their chosen career. Students will graduate better equipped to assess and recommend policy in a variegated field.

  • Describe the historic development of the international system from Westphalia to the present with reference to role of Christianity.
  • Analyze the role of state and non-state actors in contributing to conflict in the international system.
  • Describe the role of economic, political and social factors in the development of the international system.
  • Demonstrate expertise in one or more specific geographic areas.

Career Opportunities

  • Diplomat and Embassy Staff
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Political Consultant
  • NGO Staff
  • Senate/House Committee Staff

Complete four (4) of the following courses:

GOV 610 Political Philosophy 3 Description
GOV 625 International Relations Theory 3 Description
GOV 638 The European Union 3 Description
GOV 639 Anglo-American Constitutionalism 3 Description
GOV 653 Mid-East Politics 3 Description
GOV 655 International & Comparative Human Rights 2-3 Description
GOV 659 Shari'a Law 3 Description
GOV 672 Islamic Political Thought 3 Description
GOV 673 Democracy and Democratization 3 Description
GOV 674 International Political Economy 3 Description
GOV 676 Asian Politics 3 Description
GOV 689 American Foreign Policy 3 Description