Degree Plan

Master of Arts in Government (M.A.) - 30 credit hours

There are three major components to the M.A. curriculum:

  • Core Courses (15 credit hours): designed to give the student a broad base on which to build a specialty.
  • Academic Concentration (12 credit hours): designed to develop an area of expertise.
  • Elective/thesis/internship (3 credit hours): can be used to obtain a certificate in one of six areas of study.

The Approved Degree Plan (ADP) lists the required courses for degree completion.

Approved Degree Plans:

(Beginning Fall 2009)

Students who began the RSG program prior to Fall 2009 will remain on the degree plan given at their time of admission.

Students receive an official approved degree plan (ADP) in their name when accepted into the program. Any requests for variation in the degree plan must be submitted via academic petition to the student's Student Services Manager.

Students will choose courses each semester based on their approved degree plan requirements. It is important to note that most RSG courses are offered on a rotation basis and may not be available every semester. (See the official RSG Two-Year Projection Schedule). Therefore, in order for each student to meet every graduation requirement in the desired timeframe for degree completion, course selection should be made carefully.

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all needed course requirements for graduation are met.