Course Map: Master of Arts in Government

The Master's of Arts Degree (MA) in government exists to prepare students for careers in both public service and the private sector in the subfields of American government, international relations, homeland security, law and public policy and political theory, aligned with a Biblical worldview. This program is offered both online and in blended formats. The MA consists of a 30 hour program which includes a required core of five courses (15 credits) which cover all of the major sub-fields within political science, along with a concentration chosen by the student and an elective course, thesis or internship.

The Master's of Arts program currently offers eight 12 credit concentrations: American Government; Healthcare Policy and Ethics; International Relations; Law & Public Policy; National Security Affairs; Political Communication; Political Theory; and Religion & Politics. There are also six non-degree certificates available within the MA track: International Relations; Law and Public Policy; Mid-East Politics; Terrorism and Homeland Security; National Security Affairs and Healthcare Policy and Ethics. Several of our concentrations and certificates are inter-disciplinary – Incorporating coursework from the School of Business and Leadership; School of Communication and the Arts and the School of Law.

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American Government

Health Care Policy & Ethics

International Relations

Law & Public Policy

National Security Affairs

Political Communication

Political Theory

Religion & Politics