American Government Certificate

On-Campus and Online Overview

The purpose of the American Government certificate is to educate students who have a passion for government and public policy, so that they are equipped with the competencies necessary to think biblically and to perform skillfully in the public vocation to which God has called them. Specific competencies include learning and understanding our government's legal foundation and the major branches of government. Optional competencies include national security affairs and campaign management.

  • Explore the Constitution and other dynamics of the political history of the U.S., including the leadership provided by the presidency and Congress.
  • Study the inner workings of political campaigns and elections and engage in practical experiences in the political domain.
  • Explore contemporary and classical economic theory and the interplay of government and markets in developed and less developed nations.
  • Analyze, from a theoretical and practical viewpoint, local, state and national legislative processes and the role of the Executive Branch at these levels in implementing policies and laws.

Career Opportunities

  • Congressional Chief of Staff
  • Legislative Assistant
  • Political Consultant
  • Teacher
  • Community College Instructor
  • Elected Official

Complete four (4) of the following courses:

GOV 619 Constitutional Law & Policy I 3 Description
GOV 620 Constitutional Law & Policy II 3 Description
GOV 622 Religion & Politics 3 Description
GOV 623 Public Policy Initiatives 3 Description
GOV 625 International Relations Theory 3 Description
GOV 628 The Law & Governance of Higher Education 3 Description
GOV 630 Public Human Resources Management 3 Description
GOV 634 Public Budgeting and Taxation Policy 3 Description
GOV 635 Presidential Leadership 3 Description
GOV 636 Congressional Leadership 3 Description
GOV 639 Anglo-American Constitutionalism 3 Description
GOV 660 Intelligence & National Security 3 Description
GOV 670 Principles of Public Administration 3 Description
GOV 671 Organizational Theory 3 Description
GOV 677 Terrorism and Homeland Defense 3 Description
GOV 678 Crisis/Disaster Consequence Management 3 Description
GOV 679 National Security Affairs 3 Description
GOV 689 American Foreign Policy 3 Description
GOV 693 Managing Not-for-Profit & Faith-Based Organizations 3 Description
GOV 694 Not-for-Profit and Faith-Based Organizations Fundraising Development 3 Description
GOV 696 Special Topics in Not-for-Profit and Faith-Based Organizations Management 3 Description