The Certificate in Mid-East Politics

On-Campus and Online Course Overview

Students will examine the political, historical, cultural, and religious issues associated with this significant area of the world. Courses center around critical elements of Mid-East history in conjunction with current trends and developments. Professors will also work with students wishing to gain Arabic language proficiency to further strengthen the student's credentials in this important policy field.

  • Interpret the history of the Middle East region through a global and biblical lens.
  • Analyze the influence of Islam on the development of the region.
  • Recommend ways of resolving conflict in the region.

Potential future positions related to this certificate are:

  • Policy researcher for think tanks or policy institutes
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • U.S. Embassy or Consulate Officer
  • CIA Analyst
  • FBI Agent
  • National Security Agency Analyst

Complete four (4) of the following courses:

GOV 625 International Relations Theory 3 Description
GOV 653 Mid-East Politics 3 Description
GOV 659 Shari'a Law 3 Description
GOV 672 Islamic Political Thought 3 Description
GOV 689 American Foreign Policy 3 Description