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Welcome to the Career Switcher Student Testimonial page. Please read below and click on the video links to learn about our students’ experiences, and please feel free to contact us at any time for further information.

LaTonia BougouneauLaTonia Bougouneau
Regent Career Switcher 2005. English teacher at Cradock Middle School, Portsmouth, VA
Prior to becoming a Career Switcher, I was an educated but unemployed veteran. I had no idea that one small act of faith would lead me to the most rewarding career on earth - becoming a teacher through Regent University's Career Switcher program. Now, after teaching for more than 10 years, I serve as a Middle School Language Arts Teacher for Portsmouth Public Schools. The knowledge, research based strategies and relationships I gained through the program have helped me to see my students through the eyes of Christ. Transitioning from a Hospital Corpsman in the Navy was a challenge, but my professors walked me through the learning process, I learned strategies before they became "buzz words," and I formed lifelong relationships. Becoming a Career Switcher was the best thing I could have ever done.

Neal 'Sandy' AlbersonNeal "Sandy" Alberson
Regent Career Switcher 2009-2010. High School Technical and Career Education Teacher, Landstown Governor's STEM & Technology Academy, Virginia Beach, VA
I am an Electrical Engineer and Minister of Education who felt led to try something different after being laid off at my church when the bottom fell out of the economy in 2008. I have always been a teacher at heart and decided to attain my state teachers' license. The staff and administration at Regent were wonderful, the numerous guest lecturers amazing. I quickly felt properly prepared and had gained sufficient confidence through the program to attempt a long-term substitute teaching position after just ten weeks of class. In every way from curriculum design to classroom discipline to parental communications Regent prepared me for a career I truly love. Even seven years after completing the program, I still consider the professors and lecturers as trusted advisors.

Latasha HollowayLatasha Holloway | Click here to view the video>>
Career Switcher Program Completer & High School Business Education Teacher at Norview High School, Norfolk Public Schools, VA


Nancy FriesenNancy Friesen
Regent University Career Switcher alumna, Spanish Teacher at Tucker High School in Henrico County, VA
Regent's Career Switcher program made the switch from stay-at-home mom to high school Spanish teacher very easy! After being a substitute teacher for 4 years, I was ready to go full time. Regent prepared me well for unit and lesson planning and for classroom management. I was able to confidently take on International Baccalaureate and Spanish Immersion classes. Thank you, Regent, for preparing me to be a 21st century teacher!

Courtney GavinCourtney Gavin | Click here to view the video>>
Career Switcher Program Completer & High School English Teacher at King’s Fork High School, Suffolk Public Schools, VA


Kevin AlfieriKevin Alfieri
Regent University Career Switcher alumnus, Earth Science and Physical Science Teacher at Plaza Middle School in Virginia Beach, VA
From a career Hospitality where I worked to meet the needs of customers through teaching and training of personnel. The teachers in my family convinced me I would be more ideal to meet the needs of students instead. I enrolled at Regent and began subbing where I quickly learned that middle school students needed me the most. At Regent University I learned to teach towards objective mastery with differentiated lessons to address every student's strengths with an understanding and empathetic mindset.

My first years were full of reflection from the teachings and experiences of my professors. They helped me focus on my goal of providing my students with every opportunity to achieve academic success. Ultimately, I am grateful that Regent prepared me to be a leader in my school.

Willis RosenfeldWillis Rosenfeld
Career Switcher alumnus '11 and Choir Director at Loudoun County High School in Leesburg, VA
My path to teaching was a not a traditional one, even by career switcher standards. Coming out of college with a degree in music, I wasn't ready to teach, and didn't think I ever would be. So, I started working as a planner of meetings for non-profits and government contractors as well as working on the hotel side of the industry. I enjoyed the work but something didn't feel right. A few years down the road I felt the calling to teach. That's where I found Regent.

The preparation program had the right combination of flexibility of delivery and quality teaching for me. I absolutely value the instruction that I received during my time in the Career Switcher program at Regent, and I use much of it in my classroom today. The lead teacher for my cohort was excellent and did a masterful job of covering the key points of differentiation, lesson planning, grading, and general instruction in a concise, interesting manner. I am now in my first year of teaching high school choir after four years of teaching middle school music in my district. I absolutely love teaching and I have a lot of gratitude to Regent for giving me a solid foundation to build on in my new career.

Angela HamrickAngela Hamrick
Career Switcher Program Completer & High School English Teacher at Princess Anne High School in Virginia Beach, VA
I worked in youth ministry--primarily with high school students–for over a dozen years. Now, I am still working with the same age group, but instead of in a church environment, I see them in the classroom. The Career Switcher program at Regent provided me with the foundation I needed to make that transition from youth ministry to education. Through the accessible online program, I was given the vocabulary, background, and tools to be able to move into the education field successfully.

Derric WhiteDerric White| Click here to view the video>>

Career Switcher Program Completer & Middle School Math Teacher at The Academy of International Studies at Rosemont, Norfolk Public Schools, VA


Blair EllsonBlair Ellson
Regent Career Switcher 2009-2010. English teacher at The Williams School, Norfolk, VA
I have always loved learning: an undergraduate degree led to a master's degree that prepared me for employment in public relations and marketing. Raising my children re-ignited that excitement I always felt when I was learning. I finally have a career now in which I learn something new every day: in my field of study, from my students, or from my colleagues. And best of all, I get to share my love of learning with my students!

The Career Switcher Program gave me the tools to become an effective instructor. The classroom management techniques I was taught prepared me for just about anything. I discovered how to design lesson plans that involve all of my students in the learning process, and then to accurately assess how much they're learning. They love learning and I love teaching. Isn't that the way it's supposed to be?

Joe SextonJoe Sexton
Career Switcher Alumnus '12
High School History and Personal Finance Teacher at Atlantic Shores Christian School in Chesapeake VA.

I was eager to fulfill a lifelong dream and make a career change to education. However, after 25 years of life in the military, I knew it wouldn't be easy. I wanted every advantage I could get and the best preparation possible for moving into the classroom. Regent's Career Switcher program provided exactly what I was looking for and needed, with a faculty and staff fully committed to helping me gain the confidence, training, and tools necessary to make the transition possible. The flexibility of Regent's Career Switcher program allowed me to complete most of the training while still on active duty. I was hired immediately upon my retirement from the Air Force. Now in my third year of teaching high school History, the subject area of my choice, I can say without a doubt that Regent University's Career Switcher program set me up for success.

Catherine ManiaciCatherine Maniaci
Career Switcher Program alumna '09, math teacher at Lake Ridge Middle School, Prince William County
I teach Middle School math, and every day I absolutely love going to work. I always tell my students that it is never too late to make all your dreams come true. My first career goal was to practice medicine, which I did successfully for 10 years as a Physician's Assistant in New York. When my family moved to Virginia due to my husband's career change, I thought it would be a perfect time to fulfill my second childhood dream of becoming a teacher.

Regent was the perfect choice for me to do just that. Not only was I prepared to enter a classroom upon graduation, but I also had more than half the credits hours under my belt towards my Master's degree -- now that is something many programs do not do. Regent made the transition from student to teacher smooth and easy. I felt fully prepared with a toolbox of classroom management techniques, and a broad knowledge base to draw from. I honestly am very pleased with my choice to have attended Regent!